No red shoes

It wasn’t a hike but we spent several hours walking today! From store to store we went searching out bargains. We love American factory outlet malls and made sure to include a huge one located at Castle Rock, between Denver and Colorado Springs, in our travel plans.

The recent recession has hit the United States hard and that was never more obvious to us than today. The Castle Rock Outlet Mall has space for approximately 115 retail outlets but about half of them sit vacant! For whatever reason, it seems that clothing outlets have fared best and we visited many of them today. I have no idea how many garments I tried on! It would have been very easy to get carried away and buy more than we needed but we managed not to. We did come away with some wonderful bargains though. I bought two pairs of capri pants at Gap for less than $12 each. Richard and I bought four items at Izod for a total of less than $60. Any one of those items might have cost that much at Golf Town or in our golf club pro shop.

In addition to clothing shops, we also visited several shoe stores and Richard found a good buy on running shoes. I, however, did not find what I’ve been looking for for the past few months. Red shoes! I’m not sure why but I really want a pair of red shoes! Since I started looking, I’ve seen several pairs I liked. Unfortunately, they’ve always been on someone else’s feet. Tomorrow I’m going to Kansas; Wizard of Oz country. I really should have had red shoes.


2 thoughts on “No red shoes

  1. That’s so funny. I started craving red shoes about a year ago. I found a pair online that I love. I wear them whenever I am feeling a little perky and I get lots of compliments on them and yes, Wizad of Oz comments too.

  2. I have a beautiful pair of red sequined sneakers that you can borrow, if you like. They are probably even close to the right size! : )

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