City of Fountains

Our main reason for coming to the Kansas City area was to attend a two day cross cultural orientation event at MidAmerica Nazarene University in preparation for possible short term missions work with the Church of the Nazarene. It was both informative and inspiring. The last question we were asked to discuss was “What’s next for you?” At this point, we’re not sure. We’ll simply continue to wait for direction. When the time comes, as I’m sure it probably will, that our skills match up with a need in the field, we’ll be ready to go.

Kansas City sits on the border between Kansas and Missouri. This morning we crossed the state line and spent most of the day on the Missouri side. We began by worshipping at Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene and then made our way to Country Club Plaza, considered by many to be the city’s crown jewel. Spanish inspired architecture, statues, tile mosaics and sparkling fountains make this 14-square-block shopping and dining district a perfect place for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Kansas is known as the City of Fountains. There are over 200 of these public works of art in various locations around the city. We saw several of them in the Plaza area as well as one in front of Union Station, the second largest working train station in the US after Grand Central Station in New York. Built in 1914, it quickly became one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. Today, it houses a science centre, theatres, restaurants and a model railway display that would thrill some of the men in my family!

Bloch Fountain at Union Station

On the way back to the campground, after crossing the border back into Kansas, we stopped for a few groceries. I also decided to check out the shoe store that’s just down the mall from the grocery store and guess what I found? Red shoes! Super comfortable, I love them totally, red shoes! What could be more appropriate than buying red shoes in Kansas? Even better, not only were they on sale but the store was having a buy one pair, get the second pair half price sale so I also bought the same shoes in black!


4 thoughts on “City of Fountains

  1. Red shoes always bring up a memory for me. When we were kids we had a ‘play house’ in the neighbour’s yard. We played a lot of dressups in those days. Anyways, a pair of high heeled red pumps appeared in the dress up box. Not sure where they came from because neither of our mothers would have been caught dead wearing red shoes given the connotation of that in the “olden days”. We girls claimed they were ours and the neighbour girls claimed they were theirs and the war was on over the red shoes. We always fought over who could wear them and who they really belonged to. I wonder where they went??? :>)

  2. “model railway display that would thrill some of the men in my family!”

    That would include me (Elaine’s brother) and my daughters. We will keep that in mind as a good place to visit on our planned future western US trip.

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