Best things

When we traveled with our children, I used to ask each of them “What was the best thing about today?” as I tucked them into their sleeping bags at night. Their answers often amazed me. It wasn’t always the big things that impressed them. Sometimes things that I had hardly noticed were most special to them.

Today, as we made the final leg of our 8675 km trek through ten states and three provinces, Richard and I asked one another a similar question. “What was the highlight of this trip for you?” Richard answered easily that for him it had been the Cross Cultural Orientation event that we attended in Olathe, Kansas. While I agreed that that weekend had been both informative and inspiring, it wasn’t as easy for me to choose one thing from the past five weeks that stood out above all the others.

After thinking about if for a bit, I chose three best things. First of all, spending time with my best friend from high school was very special to me. Secondly, Moab and the time that we spent exploring the spectacular red rock desert surrounding it were all that I had hoped for and had to be included on my list. Then, like the children, I chose something small but something that I’ll long remember. It was unplanned and unexpected but for me, sitting outside the trailer in Kansas City after dark and being surrounded by the twinkling of fireflies was truly magical.


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