Once a mom

Once a mom, always a mom. Kids grow up but sometimes they still need their mommies.

Melaina woke up early Tuesday morning with a sore throat, a fever and feeling like death warmed over. Caring for an active two year old and his three month old sister was more than she could manage so her sister-in-law picked Drew up and took him out to the family farm near Cochrane where she and her children were spending a few days.

The following morning, a visit to the doctor confirmed that Melaina was suffering from strep throat so she asked if I could come down for a few days to help out. I wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for my good friend, Louis. Richard had left with our vehicle on Monday morning to spend a week or so helping his brother put up silage and I was without wheels. On Tuesday, however, Louis dropped in to say that he didn’t like the idea of me being alone without a vehicle. He loaned me his truck and when he heard that Melaina was sick, he told me to feel free to take it to Calgary if I wanted to.

I drove down Wednesday afternoon and spent the past couple of days grocery shopping, making meals, washing dishes, doing laundry and changing lots of diapers. It hasn’t all been work though. Drew came home from the farm and we’ve read books, made playdough and enjoyed walking to the playground together. I’ve also had lots of cuddle time with baby, Jami-Lee.

Melaina is clearly on the mend today. Though she’s resting now, she’s baked bread and cleaned the bathroom today and I suspect that she’ll be well enough for me to head for home tomorrow. We’ll be back for more time with the grandkids later this month though as Jami-Lee is being baptized on Melaina’s birthday, August 29.

Drew and his new kitten

Our sleeping princess, Jami-Lee


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