100 Mile Club

When I was in high school an innovative physical education teacher introduced a program designed to help students develop the habit of exercising regularly. At that time, I was a total non athlete but the 100 Mile Club challenge captured my interest and I signed up. It was a very simple concept. A huge chart went up on the wall of the gymnasium and participants filled in a tiny square for each mile that they ran, jogged or walked. My mother used the odometer on the family car to figure out one and two mile courses around our neighbourhood and I was on my way.

I don’t remember how long we had to complete the challenge or what the reward for those who finished was. I do remember, however, that a sprained ankle took me out less than half way to the goal. I was an awkward teen and it seemed I was always spraining something! Though I was happy to have an excuse to miss phys ed class, I was deeply disappointed that I couldn’t finish my 100 miles.

I haven’t quite figured out what motivated me to go from being that awkward, non athletic teenager to the fairly fit middle aged woman that I am today. I suppose that marrying a phys ed teacher might have had something to do with it! We have a mini gym in our basement complete with three weight benches and lots of free weights. Richard and I lift weights 3 times a week all winter long.

Though I’m not sure what caused it, I’ve been being treated for tendinitis in both shoulders for the past few months. They’re much better than they were and I’ve been able to start exercising them with resistance bands but when I saw my doctor at the beginning of this month he cautioned me not to start thinking about lifting weights. When I asked what else I could do for exercise, his answer was simple. Walk!

I’ve always enjoyed walking and the treadmill that we added to our basement gym several years ago means that I can do it even when the weather is bad. As I thought about what the doctor said and the fact that I might not be able to lift weights this winter, I decided to keep track of the amount of walking I do. That’s when I remembered the 100 Mile Club. It may be a little after the fact, but I’ve decided to take up the challenge again and walk 100 miles! I know, it’s not the 60s anymore and Canada has long since gone metric but the treadmill measures in miles and I can use Google Pedometer to calculate the distance that I walk outdoors in either miles or kilometers so for this challenge, miles it is.

I’m off to a good start. In fact, since I started keeping track three weeks ago I’ve already walked 22 miles! It’s easier to stick with an exercise program of any kind if you have a fitness buddy or make yourself accountable to someone so if you read my blog regularly you’ll notice my mileage at the top of each upcoming post. By committing myself to reporting to you, I hope to complete my 100 miles and perhaps many more. Hopefully there are no sprained ankles to stop me this time!


5 thoughts on “100 Mile Club

  1. I admire you so much for your fitness. Some how I went from a athletic teenager to a clumsy old lady without even noticing. Oh, and very accident prone too. Good luck with your goal. My goal right now is to keep all my digits and walk straight down the hallway.

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