Wearing skirts

31.32 miles

I wore a skirt to church this morning. I’m sure millions of other women did too so on a world scale, it’s really not all that momentous but for me it’s a rare enough occurrence that people wonder what the special occasion is! Though yesterday was our anniversary, that’s not the reason for the skirt.

In North America, at least, I’m one of a dying breed. We are the women who had to wear skirts to school every day while we were growing up. I think that’s why so many of us don’t really like wearing them now! I do enjoy dressing up once in awhile and, like a little girl, I love the swirl of a skirt when I dance but most of the time I’m a blue jeans kind of girl.

Right now it’s harvest time and I spend every day except Sunday on a combine. I wear my farming clothes; old jeans and a t-shirt. Though I show up clean every morning, getting dirty doesn’t bother me. My farmer worried about that at first but I’ve assured him that I’m washable often enough that he doesn’t fret about it anymore.

I learned how to replace broken teeth on the combine this week. Sure, I got my hands dirty and may have chipped a nail or two but it was fun!  After all, I’m the girl who wanted to take shop in school. Unfortunately, in addition to having to wear skirts, girls were required to take sewing and cooking instead even if their mothers had already taught them these skills at home. Only boys took shop. Somehow, in those days, pants and tools must have gone together!

As much as I love wearing my farming clothes, I do find that after six days of coming home dirty and tired I like to clean up and be a little bit girly on Sunday. That’s why, during seeding and harvest, I’m more likely to show up for church wearing a skirt than at any other time of year!

Some say we should always dress up for church, that we should only wear our best into the presence of God. I don’t buy that. Of course, I never wear my dirty farming jeans to church but I sometimes wear my dressier ones. After all, I am just as much in His presence in my dirty jeans on the combine as I was in my skirt in church this morning!


2 thoughts on “Wearing skirts

  1. I remember wearing shorts under my dresses and skirts to school in elementary school. Yes. Girls got to wear “playclothes” in elementary school the year I hit grade 7. They were allowed to wear slacks (but not jeans!) the year just after my graduation. Hadn’t thought about that in a while….. Yes. again, me too.

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