Making a list

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It’s that time of year again. Santa’s making his list and checking it twice. I’m a list maker too. In fact, my friends tease me about all my lists but I don’t think I could live without them! I’ve always enjoyed being super organized and it’s the lists that help keep me that way.

In my kitchen alone, there’s my daily to do list which I refer to many times throughout the day, a general list of things I need to do over the next little while, and a grocery list. There are lists in the living room too; the BBC Top 100 Book List (I’ve checked off 26 of them), a list of books to look for at the library, and a list of the contestants in my favourite TV show, Amazing Race, so that I can keep track of who’s eliminated each week. In my purse I carry a little notebook that’s chock full of lists. There’s a shopping list for my next trip to Camrose or Edmonton and a separate grocery list for items that I can’t get in our local Coop. Then there are the Christmas lists; lists of all the people I need to buy gifts for and ideas for each of them, a separate list of those I need to buy stocking stuffers for, and a list of suggested items to include in the shoebox that I send to our sponsored child in Haiti. Those lists are in my purse year round in hopes that I might actually shop for gifts throughout the year.

I love crossing things off my lists. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. There are some activities that appear on my to do list every day just so I can cross them off! I doubt I’d forget to make the bed or check my email but if they’re on the list, I can cross them off when they’re done. I’ve even been known to add something that I’ve already done to the list just so I can cross it off! I know, that’s a little over the top, maybe even a little bit crazy but hey, it makes me happy!

With Christmas only a month away, I’ve just printed off my Christmas to do list and posted it on the front of the fridge. Like Santa, I’ve got lots of getting ready to do. After all, all the kids and grandkids will be home this year so I don’t want to forget anything!


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