Mission accomplished!

On September 23, I blogged about my plan to walk 100 miles. Shortly afterward, I established Christmas Day as my target to complete this endeavour but I actually finished today, meeting my goal more than two weeks early! It sounds even better when I say that I walked 161 km!

I faltered a little around the 80 mile mark. That’s when it turned frigid and slippery here in Alberta and outdoor walks became shorter and less frequent. I don’t mind walking on the treadmill but I really do prefer being outdoors. I was glad that my goal was in sight by that time as it made it easier to push through to the finish line, so to speak.

It was tendonitis in my shoulders that prevented me from lifting weights as I usually do in the winter months and started me on this new exercise regime. The shoulders are much better now and I did try lifting for a short while about a month ago. Even though I was lifting baby weights in comparison to what I usually do, the shoulders quickly began to protest and I had to quit. I’ve continued doing the exercises that the physiotherapist gave me but they’ve become so easy that I’m thinking about trying some easy lifts again sometime soon.

I also exercise for 15 to 20 minutes five mornings a week. As soon as I climb out of bed, I hit the floor for stomach crunches and other strengthening exercises followed by a series of stretches and then some yoga poses that work on balance. I had to modify this program for awhile to accommodate the wimpy shoulders but now I’m able to do the full routine again.

Now that I’ve accomplished my walking goal and discovered that, taken in small increments, it didn’t really seem all that far, I have no intention of quitting. Assuming that my slightly arthritic left knee will take it, I’m even going to try some interval training adding power walking, jogging and perhaps even some short sprints. I’m not sure how this will go but it’s worth a try.

The walking, combined with healthy eating, has had an unexpected bonus. Over the past couple of months, I’ve shed a few unwanted pounds. But you were already skinny, I hear some of you protesting! No, skinny is what I was when I was a child; all skin, bones and knobby knees. Here’s a picture of me at eight.

Now that's skinny!

Fifty years later, I’m slim, slender, thin. Lean sounds nice, muscular even better but, please, not skinny!

Seriously, what I’ve discovered is that every ounce that this slender body gains gathers around the middle as an unwanted belly bulge or muffin top. I know that’s normal for a woman of my age but I don’t have to embrace it! As I walk, run, stretch and lift it will continue to be me against the muffin top!

Most important, however, is that after 100 miles, I feel great!


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