I don’t even remember getting my first pair of glasses as I was only two! I do remember that they were red. I must have been a gentle child as they lasted for several years. Obviously, I wasn’t perfect though. I do remember them going to work with my Dad a couple of times and coming home magically repaired. Eventually I outgrew them and had to get larger frames. The next couple of pairs didn’t fare as well. My baby brother pulled one pair off my face and rolled over on them and I ran over the next pair with the runner of a bob sleigh! How glad I am that none of my children had to wear glasses!

It’s amazing how eyeglass fashions have changed over the years. Believe it or not, I thought this pair was absolutely beautiful! As soon as I saw them, I just had to have them but they were quite expensive. My mother tried to talk me into settling for something a little less pricey but when she saw how badly I wanted them, she gave in. I remember them as a gift of love from a mother who recognized how important it was for her self conscious daughter to feel good about how she looked.

I was fortunate in my later teen years to be able to go without glasses for awhile. I used daily eye drops instead but this was an experimental drug and when studies began to show that prolonged use caused cysts, it was discontinued. How disappointing! It did get me through those vulnerable high school years though and I was fortunate not to suffer any negative side effects.

Later, I wore contacts for many years. Eventually bifocals were recommended but I was able to delay them for a period of time by wearing non prescription reading glasses over the contacts when I needed them! The day came, however, when one of my contacts was literally blown out of my eye and lost during a vicious snowstorm. I accepted the fact that the time had come to make the switch back to glasses. That’s when I got my first progressive lenses.

Over the years, I’ve had some truly ugly glasses. How could anyone ever have thought that these ones were attractive? Of course, it was the early 80s and in those days, all the stylish eyeglass wearers were bug eyed!

I hate buying new frames. Without corrective lenses, I can’t see well enough to know what the various options look like on me. For years, I’ve tried to choose glasses that didn’t stand out; ones that blended in with my natural colouring. For awhile that was easy as wire frames and gold tones were in fashion. Not anymore! Today’s trendy frames are bold, dark colours and meant to be noticed. I’ve been wearing a brand new pair for the past couple of days and I’m still surprised when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I’m really not sure if I like what I see. I’m afraid that they make me look older and grouchier but maybe that’s because I can see the wrinkles and frown lines more clearly through them!

Here’s the old look and the new. Be honest; what do you think?

I guess, in the long run, the main thing is that I can see, not what I look like!


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