Digging out

There’s something about weathering a winter snowstorm together that brings an enhanced sense of camaraderie to our small town. Yesterday, we had one of the biggest dumps of snow that we’ve seen in a long time. For twenty-four hours, the wind blew and the snow fell; some 30 centimetres or more of it.

Views from our back door:

The town owns three pieces of snow removal equipment. Ordinarily, the grader ploughs the snow into the centre of the street where it’s picked up by a giant snow blowing machine that loads it into the back of a truck that carries it away and dumps it in one of several designated locations. It’s an efficient process and our streets are often in better winter driving condition than those in the larger cities. Unfortunately, however, this time the town foreman, who is also the only grader operator, is away in Saskatchewan and the truck that usually hauls the snow away broke down! One of the town employees was out with the snow blowing machine earlier today doing his best to make the main streets passable but without four wheel drive or good winter tires, getting around town is pretty difficult. Everyone seems to be taking that in stride, however. In fact, there’s a real sense of adventure out there. A man against the elements feeling seems to prevail and everyone is pulling together to dig out. We even saw one guy trying to clear a street with his snow blower!

The street in front

Richard has done a lot of shovelling both here at home and over at the church but he hasn’t been alone. Yesterday, while we volunteered at the local thrift store (yes, amazingly, people did show up to shop!) a friend with a brand new snow blower cleared our driveway. By this morning, it had filled in again and so after church, Richard was out with the shovel again. Before long, our next door neighbour showed up with his snow blower and helped him finish the job.

Those who live out in the country are completely snowed in and according to the latest road reports, the highway is in poor driving condition. There’s every likelihood that school busses won’t run tomorrow but here in town, we’re digging out!


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