Walking in snow

I’ve always loved walking in fresh fallen snow but these days, with four wheel drive and good winter tires, it’s actually easier and safer to drive. With the latest deposit of loose snow underfoot, walking can be quite treacherous and in those areas of town where there are no sidewalks and the snow has piled up along the roadsides, it’s difficult to get out of the way of vehicles.

A couple of weeks ago while trudging through several inches of loose snow, I twisted or wrenched something in my right hip. I didn’t realize that I’d actually done any damage until later in the day when the muscles in my thigh began to spasm. OUCH! That was nasty! Fortunately, heat and ibuprofen settled things down but the experience definitely slowed me down for awhile and has kept me from attempting any more walking in snow. It seems silly to start the vehicle to make a quick trip to the library or the post office or to go to the church which is only a quarter mile away but these legs have got to be in good shape when we arrive in Japan next week so I’m not taking any chances!

After challenging myself to walk 100 miles and accomplishing that goal a little over a month ago, my body has become accustomed to doing a lot of walking! My usual pace on the treadmill is 3.7 mph but for awhile after hurting my hip I could only manage short stints at about 3.0 mph. Total rest might have been a better idea but my body wanted to walk and as long as I didn’t make any twisting motions, it seemed to be okay. Happily, I’m back to pain free and full speed but the snow is still falling so, as pretty as it is outdoors these days, all my walking will be on the treadmill.

For those who might be wondering, I’m up to 141 miles now (227 km) and I’ll be wearing a pedometer in Japan so I can continue to keep track!


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