I recently read that if you spent two weeks in Japan it was pretty much guaranteed that you’d feel an earthquake. We’ve been here two weeks and the earth has shaken at least three times! We slept through the first one. It was our first night in Osaka and we were so tired and jet lagged that we didn’t notice a thing. The earth shook again last Saturday morning while I rested in bed and then last night while I was brushing my teeth. I’m not sure if I would have noticed that one except for the furious rattling of the shower doors.

We experienced lots of these tremors when we lived in Japan and they really don’t frighten us at all. We toured the Edo Tokyo Museum yesterday though and learned about the devastating effects of the major quakes that hit this part of the country in 1855 and 1923. We’ve also visited Kobe in the past and seen the results of the 1995 quake there. Though construction standards have improved significantly since that time, I certainly wouldn’t want to experience a shake of that magnitude!



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