We’ve been living out of suitcases for the past month. It hasn’t been as difficult as it might have been because we’ve been blessed to be able to use Pastor Steve and Shelley’s beautiful house as a home base and have only taken our smaller suitcases when we’ve left here to go to Osaka and to other homes in this area.  Our time here is running out, however, and the time has come for a complete repacking job.

We have four nights left in Japan. We’ll spend the first two with Seiko, Atsuo and their two boys (our Japanese grandsons) then move back to Smoky and Ikuko’s for the last two. Again, we’ll take only our smaller suitcases to Seiko and Atsuo’s but I want to have everything ready for our flight back to Canada today as we’ll only stop here for a few minutes to pick up the rest of our baggage on our way to Smoky and Ikuko’s after church on Sunday. We’ll go to the airport from their place on Tuesday.

So, everything is folded and sitting in piles on the bed and now it’s a matter of figuring out what goes in which bag. Instead, I’m procrastinating and sitting on the computer! It really isn’t that big of a job. We travel light and I know there’s enough room for everything. We’ve picked up a few mementos and gifts to take home with us but we’ve also unloaded the gifts that we brought for people here so it should even out.

We’ll be carrying an extra box back but that’s because we did some shopping for Matt and Robin while we’ve been here. Having lived in Japan for two years, there are things they can’t get at home that they wanted us to pick up. Their box is already packed though. Now it’s just a matter of getting our own stuff organized. So why am I still sitting here? Why am I procrastinating?

I’m looking forward to going home and especially to our ten day stopover in Vancouver where we’ll meet our new grandson who was born while we’ve been here but perhaps I’m also a little bit sad to see our time here coming to an end. I do love Japan and it’s going to be hard to say good bye again. We have to leave so many special people behind!

One thought on “Repacking

  1. I think it’s harder to leave the second time. When we left after our two years we were looking forward to our wedding and Law school. When we left after our return visit we only had “normal life” to return to with no new adventures and we had no idea when we would return again. It is much tougher to say see you later when you don’t know when later is.

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