Jet lag

Yesterday was 33 1/2 hours long! We woke up in Japan at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Our plane left the runway exactly 12 hours later and 9 1/2 hours after that, we landed in Vancouver. It was a somewhat turbulent flight and although we tried to nap on the plane, we weren’t very successful.

When we landed in Vancouver, it was Tuesday morning again! I find it hard to get my head around but having crossed the International Date Line, we had gone back in time! Funny, we didn’t feel any younger!

My theory is that the best way to combat jet lag and get back into a normal routine is to stay up until a normal bedtime regardless of when you arrive somewhere. That meant staying awake for another 12 hours! We finally fell into bed last night and didn’t wake up until after 9:30 this morning! I’m sure it’ll be a few days before the effects of our super long day wear off completely but with the help of a bit of coffee, I’m managing.

Saying good-bye was hard to do especially since we don’t know when we’ll be back in Japan again. The most difficult part was leaving the four little children that we’ve become so close to. All under the age of 3, they will have changed so much by the time we see them again.

We had quite a send-off at the airport. We originally thought that we’d be making our way out to Narita by train which would be doable but not easy with all our baggage. Our friends wouldn’t hear of such a thing, however. Instead, we piled into Smoky and Ikuko’s little car with their entire family and all our luggage. On the way, we stopped at a highway rest stop where were met by Seiko and her two children!

Now we’re back in Canada enjoying our Vancouver grandchildren including Nathan Michael (Nate) born to Matt and Robin on February 15 while we were in Japan! He’s adorable, of course, and he and his big brother, Sam, don’t seem bothered by the fact that Gram and Grandpa are a wee bit tired.

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