I’m not sure I’m ever going to eat store bought bread again.

Until just over a year ago when my aunt gave me her bread machine, I’d never baked bread. I raised my family on store bought. Over the past year, however, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with all sorts of breads; raisin bread, cheese bread, whole wheat, cracked wheat, multigrain, and cornmeal bread and even honey wheat bran bread. Delicious! We seldom use store bought bread anymore but once in a while when life gets hectic, a loaf comes in handy.

The days just before we left for Japan were just such a time. I fully intended to put the half loaf of unused McGavin’s 100% whole wheat bread into the freezer before we left but I forgot to. Imagine that bread sitting in the cupboard for 44 days. Eww!

Not so! Believe it or not, when I opened the bag there was not one spot of mould nor does the bread even smell bad! Granted, we turned the heat in the house down while we were away so the cupboard was cooler than usual but still, what must they put in bread to preserve it for that long? Whatever it is, I doubt it’s good for us!

Obviously, in spite of the fact that the bread still looks and smells fine, we won’t be eating it. In fact, I’m not sure I ever want to eat store bought again! There’s a loaf of Country Harvest bread in the breadmaker right now and soon the aroma of freshly baked bread (without any preservatives) will fill the house.


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