Walking around the world

English countryside

I went for a walk in the English countryside this afternoon without ever leaving home! Yesterday, it was scenic Argyll in Scotland and perhaps tomorrow I’ll choose a segment of Italy’s Appian Way, the most historic road in the world.


How is this possible? It’s easy with virtual walk DVDs from VITA Digital Productions! My sister got several of them for Christmas and after using them for the past three months, she loaned them to me. I rearranged the basement so that its tiny TV is right in front of the treadmill and off I went!

I’ve walked well over 200 miles since the beginning of September, many of them on the treadmill. That can get really boring but with these videos, time flies by and I hardly notice how far I’ve walked. Most of the videos are filmed at approximately 3 miles per hour, a little slower than I usually walk but that doesn’t seem to present a problem. It just gives me a little longer to notice details along the way. Argyll is actually one of VITA Digital’s Virtual Jog/Bike Ride videos so it was filmed at a much faster speed but even that seems to work. It’s a wee bit disorienting when the film speeds up on a downhill slope but so far, I’ve managed not to lose my balance!

All of the videos were recorded with natural sounds so as I walk, I can hear birds singing, water splashing or cars passing by. Some also have a music option so if I choose, I can put on my virtual earphones and listen to that instead.

I love visiting new and different places and have always considered walking the best way to see the sights but until we pack our suitcases again and head off to another foreign land, these DVDs will help satisfy my gypsy longings. In fact, I’ve already ordered four more of them. Soon I’ll be able to look down on the Mediterranean as I stroll the Isle of Capri or Italy’s famous Amalfi coast. I’ll also be able to go for a nature walk that will take me through all four seasons in 60 minutes but most of all, I’m looking forward to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. I won’t be able to stop for tea at Ronnie and Myrna’s but maybe I’ll walk by their house and see Lindy’s boat anchored offshore!

Eventually spring has to come, the huge drifts of snow will melt away and I’ll be able to spend more time walking outdoors again but until that happens, I’m going to enjoy walking around the world in the comfort and safety of my basement!

Isle of Capri



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