Winter pays another visit

Just when we dared to think that spring had finally come, winter decided to pay us another visit. Patches of snow were gradually melting away but today our world is white again! A storm blew in this morning bringing a blanket of sloppy wet snow.

The gophers have been out for the past couple of weeks and the geese are back. I’d heard tell of robins too but I didn’t see my first one until today. The poor thing looked completely bewildered! I’ve seen pussy willows on my recent walks and my friend Kim found crocuses blooming in her yard. No wonder we thought it was finally spring!

Fortunately, my walking videos arrived in yesterday’s mail as the forecast is calling for more of the white stuff and I’ll probably be back on the treadmill for the next little while.

Though we’re surrounded by snow again, I seem to be experiencing a thawing of a different sort. I’m still waiting to see a physiotherapist about my frozen shoulders but the stretching that I’ve been doing on my own seems to be paying off. They’re not as sore as they were awhile ago and I’m definitely able to sleep more comfortably. I’m pretty sure that my range of motion has increased a bit too.

Here in Alberta, a storm like today’s isn’t really unusual in mid April. In fact, we’ve seen them as late as early May. The winter’s snow is usually long gone before these spring storms hit though. This year we’re beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see the end of it! I do know that Richard and I won’t be cold forever though. We purchased plane tickets today and will leave for Saipan on the 20th of June! At just 15 degrees north of the equator, it enjoys warm tropical weather all year round. I can hardly wait!


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