Three & one!

Where does the time go? Could it be that it was already three years ago that the phone rang in our hotel room in Nikko, Japan and we learned that we were grandparents? What an exciting moment that was! Andrew David Richard Graham had been born to our daughter, Melaina, and her husband, Aaron.

Almost exactly two years later, Drew’s baby sister, Jami-Lee Marie, entered the world making shared birthday parties a definite possibility. This time, instead of being half way around the world, I was in the delivery room! Another amazing memory!

Melaina is no stranger to joint birthday parties. For several years, she and her brother, Nathan, just eleven months younger than her, shared their parties. They had the same friends and until they were old enough to want sleepovers, it made perfect sense. We usually held the party close to Melaina’s birthday at the end of August because we were often away from home for Nathan’s in July. He turned six in the Yukon, seven on PEI, and nine in California.

Jami-Lee’s birthday was on Thursday and Drew’s is today. We had their party yesterday. Uncle Nathan came down from Edmonton, their other grandma was here as were their Auntie Dani and her family and several friends from their church. Drew was especially delighted with his Thomas the Tank Engine cake.

Trains are Drew’s passion these days. I’ve had to learn the names of all his engines; Thomas, James, Spencer, and Percy. We added Henry to the collection yesterday. Each day while we’re here, we lay out his wooden tracks and spend lots of time playing trains. I also have a special folder of train photos on my laptop just for Drew. In spite of his phonological disorder, his speech is improving steadily and he has no problem asking to look at the train pictures. He even knows exactly which icon to point to on my desktop!

Jami-Lee is walking now and climbing, climbing, climbing! She’s definitely her mother’s daughter in that respect. I remember finding Melaina perched in various spots where little ones ought not to be and she’s the child who escaped serious injury when she climbed the drawers of her dresser and it fell over on her! Jami was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people crowded into her small livingroom and spent much of the party on my lap. What a lucky Gram I am! She loved opening gifts and was especially thrilled by the toy piano her mommy and daddy gave her. Perhaps she’s also inherited Melaina’s musical talent. Only time will tell.


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