26 no shows!

After waiting more than a month, I finally saw a physiotherapist today. He was brought in to supplement the regular clinic staff for a week in an attempt to clear the backlog as the waiting list had become much too long. According to a sign above the receptionist’s desk reminding patients to phone and cancel if they’re unable to keep their appointments, over the past month there have been 26 no shows! 26! That’s more than one a day! What is the matter with people? How much effort does it take to pick up the phone and make a simple call and what has happened to common courtesy? Surely 26 people didn’t forget that they had appointments! Had they bothered to call and cancel, 26 of us who were waiting could have received treatment sooner.

My appointment went well. After a thorough evaluation that included using a protractor device to measure my range of motion, the therapist assured me that I still have plenty of strength in my arms. That was definitely good news! He agreed, however, that the range of movement in my shoulders is quite limited and went through a series of exercises with me that are designed to increase flexibility in those joints. Several of them involve using a wand. In the clinic, he had me use a cane but any straight rod would do. At home, a broomstick would work well but I’m using my old golf putter instead. After all, one of the reasons for wanting to get my shoulders back in shape as quickly as possible is the fact that the golf course opened this week! We haven’t been out yet but I’m hoping that I can still swing a club. Of course, if 26 people had bothered to cancel their appointments, I would have been doing these exercises sooner and my chances would have been a lot better! Grrr…


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