20 000 hits!

Sometime last evening Following Augustine was looked at for the 20 000th time. 20 000! Wow! I can’t help feeling both humbled and amazed to know that that many people have read what I’ve written.

Unless people leave comments, I can’t tell who’s stopped by but I do see how many visit each day. I know that I have several faithful readers who visit regularly. Most of them are friends and family but there are also a few that I’ve never met.

I’m completely amazed by which blog posts attract the greatest number of readers. Recently, Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout has probably been the most popular! In addition to seeing how many people look at the blog, I can see what search terms have led them to it. I can’t imagine why so many people are searching things like gold ring in pig’s snout and pig nose ring! I thought it was a pretty obscure thing to write about!

I started blogging in December 2007 as a way of sharing our year in Japan with friends and family but I’ve always loved writing and when that first year came to an end, I decided to keep the blog going indefinitely. Though I still use it to chronicle our travels, it has branched out to include other aspects of my life including grandchildren, fitness, farming, hobbies and even an occasional book review. As we prepare for our upcoming missions trip, it’s also beginning to reflect more of my spiritual life. I suppose in a sense, it’s become a record of what my retirement looks like.

If I had one wish where my blog is concerned, it would be that more people would leave comments. I love hearing your opinions and cherish the opportunity for dialogue. Though I didn’t at first, I now make a point of responding to comments. Since I linked the blog to Facebook, some people leave comments there which is fine but I prefer that they be left on the blog itself as they’re more permanent that way. So, please leave a comment, a question or even a suggestion for a future post.

Anyway, a genuine thank you for stopping by today. You are much more than a number to me!


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