Family resemblances

We were blessed to have our daughter, Melaina, her husband, Aaron, and their two children here for each of the past two weekends. Melaina doesn’t get home very often so many of our long time friends and neighbours don’t really know her children. It was no surprise to us to hear “He looks just like Matthew” over and over again when people met three year old Drew. He does indeed look like his Uncle Matt, Melaina’s older brother and our oldest son. In fact, the first time Matthew met then one year old Drew, he picked him up, looked him straight in the eye and said, “Take a good look, Drew. This is what you’re going to look like in about 30 years!”


           Drew            and a young Uncle Matt

We also heard many people say “She looks just like her Mommy” when they saw one year old Jami-Lee. It was my sister who pointed out that she also looks a lot like I did as an infant. In reference to her children, Melaina likes to joke that we did such a good job that she decided to use the same designs!


Me                              Melaina                   and Jami-Lee

There are some family resemblances that are quite inexplicable though. Here’s our youngest son, Nathan, with my brother, Norman, back in 1985

and here they are now.

Nathan in blue & Norman in red

Do you see the resemblance? Perhaps it’s not particularly surprising unless you realize that Nathan is adopted! Though we know that there’s no biological relationship between the two of them, we’ve often teased Norman, asking him where he was back in the fall of 1983 when Nathan was conceived!

Though Nathan does look a lot like his Uncle Norman, he actually looks even more like his birth mom. Here’s a photo of them the first time they met.

So who do I look like? People always tell my sister and I that we look alike but we don’t see it. We’re the same height and colouring and similar in build but I guess we see our differences instead of our similarities. What do you think?

Linda and I


5 thoughts on “Family resemblances

  1. hello lovey
    I have never thought that you and Linda look particularly alike….I agree with your similarities, but your facial features are quite different? You both have nice smiles, though they are not identical!

    Ha ha on Nathan resembling his Uncle Norman. He wishes his nose were as nice as Norman’s! (sorry Nate the great!)

    xo tess

    • Finally, someone who agrees with us! Thanks, Tess! We’re convinced that Linda looks more like Mom & I look more like Dad.

    • Yes, having Nathan in our family is an amazing gift & the fact that he resembles my brother has definitely added a bit of fun!

  2. Thank you Tess, for your compliments on my nose. By the way I was at Trinity Western University, Langley BC (taking Biblical Studies) and being mostly a good boy, in the fall of 1983. I am proud to have 6 adopted nephews and nieces that mostly don’t look like me.

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