Parallel lines

I spent about 60 hours over the past couple of weeks drawing parallel lines across the fields as I pulled the harrow/packer back and forth, back and forth. When I first started doing this several years ago, my lines were far from straight and evenly spaced. In fact, the fields looked a bit like a drunk had worked them! Over time, however, I’ve learned to operate the 50 foot wide implement much more proficiently and I’m proud to say that this year’s fields look pretty awesome.

Of course, now that I’ve pretty much mastered making nice even lines, along comes GPS, the maker of absolutely perfect lines! I’m afraid that mine will never measure up to those. Richard seeded using a tractor with GPS for the first time this spring and loved it. All he had to do was turn the tractor at the end of the field. After that he let go of the wheel and GPS took over. I can’t imagine how strange that must have felt at first!

We finished today. For awhile we wondered if this day would ever come as we had more breakdowns and setbacks this spring than ever before. The seed is finally in the ground though and now we pray for just the right amount of rain and heat and hope for a bountiful harvest. I enjoy spring work, the solitary hours on the tractor making my parallel lines and the feeling of accomplishment when it’s done, but it’s harvest time that I really love!


2 thoughts on “Parallel lines

  1. Isn’t it amazing how far things have come in the tech world, a tractor guided by satelite, can you imagine what our forefathers would have thought about that?
    I pray for the best weather you need for your crops to grow.

    • Thanks, Maggie!

      Yes, these are pretty amazing times that we live in, aren’t they? It’s already hard to remember what our lives were like without the internet! Just think, I would never even have heard of you.

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