Golf is good for me!

After battling tendonitis in both my shoulders for more than a year and then being diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulders a couple of months ago, I worried about whether or not I’d be able to golf this season. As it turns out, golf is actually good for me! Imagine my delight when I first swung a club earlier this month and discovered that the motion was almost the same as one of the exercises that I’d recently been given by the physiotherapist! Shortly after that, I read that playing golf can actually enhance strength and mobility of the shoulders, hips and other joints. It’s actually recommended by the Canadian Arthritis Society as well as the Arthritis Foundation in the US. Though I don’t have arthritis, the recommended exercises are the same. Sweet!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked hard on the exercises that the physiotherapist gave me and have been delighted with how quickly I’ve seen positive results. Not only are my shoulders no longer sore but I have regained almost normal range of motion. When I saw my doctor last week, he actually told me that I could start lifting weights again! I’m not planning to do that until fall but I do have a new fitness goal that will help rebuild strength in my arms and shoulders. I want to learn to do push ups! I don’t understand why but even after all my years of lifting weights, I’ve never been able to do a push up, not even a so called ‘ladies push up’. Hopefully, that’s about to change. I found a great little video entitled Push Ups For Beginners on YouTube and started working. So far, I’m only doing the super simple wall push up but eventually I’ll graduate to more difficult versions and hopefully someday I’ll be doing the real thing. Maybe before I’m 60?

With our two month missions trip to Saipan coming up soon, we won’t be golfing as much as usual this summer. Apparently there are five golf courses on the island though and we hope to have the opportunity to try one or two of them. I can do shoulder exercises and work on learning how to do a push up anywhere though and we’ll also continue to keep in shape by doing some hiking and lots of walking. Since setting my 100 mile goal back at the beginning of September, I’ve actually walked just over 300 miles and am still counting! Anyway, the sun is shining and golf is good for me so guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon?


2 thoughts on “Golf is good for me!

  1. I found this little exercise for your shoulders called counter push ups. You set your feet shoulder length apart and about 1 1/2 tio 2 feet away from counter and place hands on counter edge and push yourself up slowly and down like yu would with push ups. You will be amased how well it works even on back seat of plane for long trips.

    • That’s the next step after wall push ups. Then something lower like a chair or a coffee table. Then eventually the floor.

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