Thanks, kids!

Until I had children, I’d never had to deal with allergies. It’s not unusual for children to inherit certain health conditions from their parents but, in my case, it almost seems as if it’s happened the other way around!

When Richard and I moved to Japan three years ago, we were delighted to find that deliciously fresh pineapple was one of the least expensive fruits in our grocery store. For a time, we enjoyed it with breakfast every morning. After awhile, I began to develop mouth sores. Of course, we were eating a lot of unfamiliar foods at the time so, in spite of the fact that our daughter has been allergic to pineapple for most of her life, it took awhile before I realized that it was the culprit. Since that time, my allergy to pineapple has worsened to the point where an anaphylactic reaction is a very real possibility and I must avoid it at all cost. Very sad, considering how much I used to enjoy it.

Environmental allergies plagued our oldest son, especially in the springtime. Every spring, snow moulds, grasses and pollens would invariably trigger a severe asthma attack. In fact, we used to say that poor Matthew was allergic to spring! I felt so sorry for him. For several years now, Matt seemed to have outgrown those allergies but now I’m beginning to think that he just passed them on to me!

For the past few springs, something on the golf course would leave me sniffling. Something other than my score, that is! The day before yesterday, as we finished our round, it felt as though I had something in my eye. When hadn’t watered out or even moved by later that evening, I realized that something else was going on. It felt like there was a bump on the underside of my eyelid that scraped my eyeball every time I blinked. By last night, my eye was quite badly irritated so, since I was in Camrose on other business this morning, I paid an unscheduled visit to the eye care clinic. Fortunately, a doctor was able to see me right away. He flipped my eyelid inside out, a very strange feeling indeed, and told me that rather than being smooth as it ought to be, the underside looked like cauliflower! A severe allergic reaction was his diagnosis. To what, he couldn’t say but most likely something environmental. Thanks, Matt! Hopefully, the eye drops that he prescribed will take effect quickly.

What else are my kids allergic to? Well, Melaina is allergic to penicillin and Matt didn’t used to be able to eat eggs. Will those be next, I wonder?


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