Island girl

Following Augustine is not a fashion blog but once in awhile I have to depart from the norm and I know that at least one of my regular readers is a fashion blogger so this one’s for you, Nini.

Before Helen Ann left the island, she had to drop something off at a tiny dressmaking shop called Sea Shell Pink. One look at that cute name and the items in the window and I knew that I had to go in and look around. The first thing that caught my eye was one of the cotton skirts that are popular here. I’d already decided that I’d be interested in buying one if I found one that I liked and oh, did I like this one! When I tried it on, it fit like it had been made for me. It cost a little more than the mass produced ones that are sold in the touristy stores but the fabric and the workmanship are much better and it’s one of a kind.


It looks a little greyer in the photos than it really is. It’s actually more of a khaki green.






The flower in my hair is a plumeria. They grow on trees all over the island. The fragrant blooms last a day or two then fall to the ground. It’s quite common for a woman to pick one up and tuck it over her ear where she can enjoy it’s heavenly scent until it wilts a few hours later. There are three tiny plumeria trees alongside the driveway here and though they’re only about waist high, they have provided me with quite a few blooms.



If I really wanted to be an island girl, however, perhaps I’d have to add a couple of coconut shells to my wardrobe! I saw some of these in a shop today for only $6.95 but I think I’ll pass! They’re actually only worn by the traditional dancers.


2 thoughts on “Island girl

  1. Your Fashion guru at home also approves of the new clothes! What a beautiful place Elaine, here is one of those times that i wish i would have received an education, I WOULD LOVE TO COME LOVE THE PEOPLE!

    Looks to me that both of you are well suited to this calling.

    • Thanks, Deb! You don’t actually need an education to volunteer with Mission Corps. There are a wide variety of assignments available, each looking for people with different interests and skills. Check out for more information.

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