Another world

Richard and I discovered another world this week and I’m not talking about the soap opera that ruled daytime television for 35 years! I’m talking about the fascinating underwater world just a few feet from Saipan’s shores. Never too old to try something new, we donned masks and snorkels for the first time on Monday and went exploring.

No, that’s not actually us! We don’t have an underwater camera and I probably wouldn’t look quite that good in a bikini but you get the idea!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about getting up close and personal with the fish but it was absolutely fabulous! Totally silent but for the sound of my own breathing and amazingly relaxing. Of course, it helps that the water in the lagoon is crystal clear and bathtub warm!

On our first outing, we saw all sorts of tiny fish just feet from shore so we were a little disappointed when we first entered the water at a different beach yesterday and didn’t see any at all. Our objective was to swim out to a partially submerged tank, just one of many remnants of World War II that litter the island. When we reached the tank and swam around it, there they were… tiny brilliant blue fish flashing through the water. We soon discovered many others including a couple of bright yellow ones. They seemed totally oblivious to our presence. I even followed a whole school of little fish that looked something like this.

Our time on the island is quickly winding down but there’s at least one more beach that we have to try as we’ve heard that it’s one of the best for snorkelling and I really want to go back to the Grotto one more time now that we’re better equipped to view the wonders below the surface.


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