What’s next?

That’s the question we’ve been asked most often since arriving home on Monday evening. One friend and former colleague who’s known us for a long time added “One mission trip won’t be enough, will it?” No, Ian, it won’t! We have no idea what lies ahead but we do know that we’re willing to go wherever God sends us.

In the meantime, there’s lots of catching up to do here at home. Melaina, Aaron and the children are here for a few days so spending time with the grandchildren is our first priority. We appreciate the neighbour who mowed the lawn for us while we were away but the gardens clearly need some attention. I’m pretty sure there are flowers hiding amongst all those weeds! Of course, the golf course also beckons. In fact, Richard and Aaron are out there right now.

We’ll also have a crop to harvest soon. Yesterday, we went for a drive to look at the fields and the grain is beginning to ripen. It won’t be long before I’m out on the combine again.

I’d also like to find time to go camping before winter. After spending the past two months on the other side of the sea, I’m not thinking of a long trip but the trailer hasn’t been out of the driveway since last summer and I’m yearning for at least two or three nights in a campground; perhaps somewhere with a lake and a golf course.

So, in answer to everyone’s question, we don’t know what’s next in terms of missions but for now, I’m enjoying living in the moment and not concerning myself too much with what lies ahead.


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