Thrift store chic

I love shopping thrift stores. It’s not usually about looking for things I need. After all, I really don’t need more stuff filling my closets and cluttering up my life! It’s more about finding something I really like and paying almost nothing for it. That definitely appeals to my frugal nature! Thrift stores are also a great place to find cute stuff for the grandchildren.

There are two great little second hand shops in our area, the Good As New here in town and Killam Twice Nice a few miles away. Melaina and I visited both of them on Friday and found some wonderful bargains. Between us, we spent $11.10 and came home with 8 tops (four for each of us); three necklaces; a pair of earrings; a belt; a hardcover book; two Tupperware canisters; two  t-shirts, a pair of jeggings and a cute little dress for Jami-Lee; and two shirts for Drew! Amazing!

Here we are modelling a few of our finds:


This one's my favourite - blue and brown are my colours.


4 thoughts on “Thrift store chic

  1. E! I love this! Thank you so much for thinking of me when posting! isn’t thrift shopping great? you get the thrill of shopping without breaking the bank. I have to say I trully love the necklace in the first post and I am in love with the blouse in the third picture! I can’t believe you only spent 11.10! just goes to show you one persons junk can be another’s treasure.

    PS I have to apologise for not being around and posting. My life has kicked up a notch but I think of you and always am so grateful for your comments. Happy to have you in my life 🙂

    • Thanks, Nini! I love reading your blog when you do have time to write and since I subscribe to it, I get an email notification each time you post.

  2. Nice finds.. I love adding to my wardrobe by shopping at thrift stores, we have a great one in a town nearby and I used to buy all my “work” clothes there. Banking is such a dressy business and could cost a fortune.

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