He talks!

It’s always interesting to see what search terms lead people to my blog. Lately, severe phonological disorder has been a popular one reminding me that I ought to write another update on our grandson, Drew. He has come such a long way in the eight and a half months since his condition was diagnosed. In fact, at his last speech assessment, he was upgraded from severe to moderate! The therapist even went so far as to say that he’s on the mild end of moderate now.

When Drew was here a couple of weeks ago, it was wonderful to hear him speaking in complete sentences. His pronunciation isn’t perfect yet but he’s much easier to understand than he was just a few months ago and it’s wonderful to be able to carry on a conversation with him. At times, when his mouth can’t keep up with his thoughts, words are dropped and replaced with a “hm” sound. Apparently this is fairly normal for children who’ve been in speech therapy though so we’re not too worried about it. He will likely have another round of therapy sometime this fall or winter which should help deal with some of these residual problems.

Knock knock jokes have become a recent favourite of Drew’s. In typical three year old fashion, he doesn’t quite get how the jokes are supposed to work but he loves them anyway. Here’s an example: “Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Drew Bug! Blah blah!” followed by hysterical laughing! How could you not laugh with him?

Drew riding "duper, duper fast yellow bike"

At sixteen months, Drew’s little sister, Jami-Lee, is becoming quite a chatterbox. While it’s mostly babbling at this point, she’s coming out with more and more recognizable words and it won’t be long before she’s carrying on conversations with big brother “Do”.


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