Turn left at the three legged dog

I know I have a street address, I just don’t know for sure what it is! I always thought I lived on Meadowlark Crescent and according to the sign at the end of the street, I do but Google calls it Meadowlark Drive. It really doesn’t matter though. There’s only one Meadowlark in town and no one here uses street addresses anyway.

For three years, early in our marriage, we owned the old Hooper house. We’d never met the Hoopers. They were long before our time but the name remained and that’s all the address we needed. After that, we lived next door to the solar house. There was only one of those in town so that was easy and now, we live across the street from the haunted house; the monstrosity that’s been sitting untouched and unfinished for almost three years. Everyone knows where that is.

While we were in Japan for a year, new people moved into the house next door. They were new to town and when they explained where they lived, people would often say “Oh, you live next to DeBock’s house.” When we came home and introduced ourselves, Dave began to laugh. For months he’d been trying to figure out why everyone called it “the box house”!

The box house?

We depend on landmarks to find our way around the countryside too. A couple of years ago, road signs sprung up at every single corner in the county; hundreds of signs that most of us don’t pay any attention to! This year the county added numbered address signs at the end of every driveway. I have a hard time remembering that Range Roads go north south and Township Roads go east west let alone knowing what any of the numbers mean. The signs are really only there to improve emergency services. Directions are still given in terms like “go 3 miles north, then half a mile west” or “it’s the third house on the right, just past the row of big trees”. The directions in my head to the fields that I’ve been combining this week include “turn right at the old abandoned house in the trees, turn left at the three legged dog”! I haven’t actually seen the dog for a couple of years but I still remember the corner where it used to run out and bark at the vehicle!


5 thoughts on “Turn left at the three legged dog

    • I’ve always had a huge desire to travel but not so much as a tourist as in ways that allow us to get to know the people and see how they live. We’ve been very blessed by the opportunities we’ve had so far and hope there will be more!

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