A changing view!

Exactly one week after posting my latest rant about the unfinished house across the street a crew pulled in and started working on the exterior! I feel sorry for the men working out in the cold but finally, after sitting untouched for three years, the house going to be finished! I feel as if I’ve been given a gift. We’ll finally see something more attractive than that ugly monstrosity every time we look out our front windows. I’ve always loved the style of the house and I think the grey siding is giving it a very classic look.

I don’t think my rant had anything to do with the sudden change even though I did send a link to the new town administrator. Unlike her predecessor, she replied almost immediately telling me that the property owner had been given until December 20 to finish the exterior or the town would hire someone to do it and charge the work to him.

Rumours abound in small towns and one never knows for sure what to believe but we’ve been told that work on the house came to a standstill because the property owner was dealing with legal and financial issues that started when one of the subcontractors failed to complete his portion of the job correctly and then had a lien put on the house when he wasn’t paid in full. Apparently those issues have finally been resolved and work can now continue.

As a future neighbour, I tried to be patient and only complained to the town a couple of times. Like the rest of our neighbours, we would probably have been much more sympathetic if either the property owner or the town had communicated with us and given us some idea what was going on and when we might expect the situation to be resolved. I was startled recently when an acquaintance told us that that was none of our business! I’m trying to be generous and assume that that’s because he’s never lived in town and doesn’t understand why there are things like unsightly premises bylaws.

What do you think? What should a good neighbour reasonably expect to put up with?


6 thoughts on “A changing view!

  1. I think when this unfinished house has been sitting outside your front windows for year after year and was at times posing a health risk you had every right to be annoyed and ask for things to be done! It’s not like you were holding an “occupy Sedgewick” event or throwing rocks at the owner’s current home.

  2. We’re getting new neighbours. Except our problem is that the workmen make such a racket fixing the new house up. It’s gone on for so long that we’re beginning to get used to it :/

    Thank you for the book recommendation. I looked it up on the internet and it sounds like a good read.

  3. Elaine I am unaware of you ever knocking on the owners door and asking them what was happening with the house. If you had maybe you would have understood what the owners were up against and not fueled the town gossip. I also agree with your acquaintance who suggested it is none of your business and feel the town had no business telling you anything about deadlines or anything. This is a privacy issue. All they should have told you was it was being dealt with. I think your actions have propably made it for unlikely
    Good neighbors. All it would have taken is a simple inquiry with the owners



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