No more CRACK please!

I clearly remember the first time my knee popped. I was visiting a museum in Sakura, Japan. The gallery was silent. I crouched down to look at something close to the floor and when I straightened up… CRACK! There was no pain but what a shock! What was going on? The year in Japan was a bit hard on our knees… lots of walking, millions of stairs to climb and then, of course, there was climbing Mt. Fuji but this was something new. That was over three years ago. Since then, the knee has popped and cracked with increasing frequency. Now it happens many times a day.

Breaking my toe on the beach in Costa Rica a couple of weeks ago threw a curve into my normal fitness regime but the timing could have been worse. I won’t be doing much walking for awhile and the treadmill is gathering dust but just before we left on our most recent trip, my doctor decided that it was time to try physiotherapy to see if that would help my knee. I saw the therapist a few days after we got back. It’s too soon to know if it’s helping my knee or not but half an hour of physio three times a day is definitely giving my legs a good workout especially since I decided to do all the exercises and stretches with both legs instead of just the affected one. After just a week, I graduated from beginner to intermediate exercises and I also continue to work my legs at the weight bench three times a week. By the time the toe is ready for hiking and treading, the legs should be in prime condition too! I just hope there’s no more loud pops from that left knee!


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