The “right” way

Richard and I have been married for over 35 years. Before the wedding, he told me that our marriage was sure to be a good one because he knew everything there was to know about marriage! I laughed and married him anyway. I knew he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. After all, I’d been married before and he hadn’t and I still had very little idea what made a good relationship work.

Apparently, he also knew everything there was to know about folding socks. The first time he saw me do the laundry, he told me that I was folding them the wrong way and proceeded to show me how I ought to do it! I’ve confessed to being a stubborn woman before but if anyone needs proof of that, here it is:

My sock drawer

and his!

Over 35 years later, I still stubbornly fold my socks my way and his the “right” way!  (even though his way might actually be better)  Oops! You didn’t hear me say that, did you?

Richard’s way of folding socks (or having me fold his socks) does make a nice tidy package that fits neatly into a drawer or a suitcase. I’m sure that you probably fold your socks my way but just in case you want to give his a try, here’s a simple tutorial:

Simply tuck the toes of both socks into the opening of the the top one.

Hmm… I think there could be a lesson in here somewhere. Maybe that’s what it takes to make a relationship work: a little bit of stubbornness, plenty of respect for one another’s differences and a healthy dose of compromise! It’s been working for us for over 35 years!


12 thoughts on “The “right” way

  1. Haha! Too funny!
    I fold mine the same way you do! I’ve never seen it done like your hubby’s. I think I like his way better! Did I say that?
    Thanks for sharing your secret to a great marriage!!! 😉


  2. My husband has never complained so I must do it the right way as far as he is concerned (your way). Lately it is me that is complaining.. gently… because he puts MY socks together even if they aren’t quite a match. Close counts when it comes to socks for him, but if I say too much, he may quit doing laundry and where will that leave me? I have learned to be quiet…

    • I understand completely! Richard does a lot of housework but not always quite the way I’d do it. I bite my tongue and try not to say anything because I don’t want to end up doing it all myself.

  3. Great post, Elaine! I have to laugh as well, 😉 I don’t trust my husband with the laundry as for sure, he will put everything (whites and colored) all in washing. Before he met me, he never ironed his clothes. I learned later that he put shirts in bed, cover them with a clean sheet and use his weight to flatten them. 😉

  4. Too funny! My husband has a right way to hang up his shirts, they all have to face left in the closet. Who knew? 🙂 Stubbornness + respect works out wonderfully.

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