Performing a stuffectomy

The same creative gal who originated Awesomeday introduced me to a new word this week: stuffectomy. In English, the suffix ectomy means to remove. A tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils, a lumpectomy is the removal of a lump, and so on. A stuffectomy is, therefore, the removal of stuff!

For the past while, I’ve been performing a major stuffectomy. I started about a month ago by cleaning, reorganizing and getting rid of stuff from our basement storage room. The last time I performed such an extensive cutting out of stuff was four years ago when we were preparing to move to Japan for a year. In the three years since we’ve been back, clutter had once again taken over and the problem had spread to other parts of the basement. I’m currently working on the little room that was my office when I was still teaching school. It’s going to be a playroom for the grandchildren when I’m finished but I’m afraid that this phase of the stuffectomy operation is going slowly. Almost everything that was stored in that room has to come out and I have to find another place for anything that I decide to keep. Like a doctor cutting out cancerous tissue, I need to be aggressive!

I love getting rid of stuff but I hate to see anything go to waste. The question is always what should I do with it? I don’t want to clutter up my kid’s homes with my cast off stuff but several items did find their way to my daughter’s house this past weekend. Her children really don’t need more toys but they were delighted with the box full of stuffed animals that were Mommy’s when she was a little girl!

One of our three weight benches was dropped off at our youngest son’s place on Wednesday. We haven’t stopped lifting weights but we’ve had to adapt our exercise program to accommodate our aging knees and no longer need the third bench. It will be put to better use by Nathan and his roommates.

Lots of things have gone to the Good As New shop, the thrift store run by four local churches. The big challenge has been not buying more stuff while I’m there dropping things off!

I’ve even managed to sell a few items. I belong to a local Buy and Sell group on Facebook that has more than 1000 members and so far, everything I’ve posted has sold! It’s kind of like an ongoing multi-family garage sale but so much easier. I won’t get rich on the proceeds but a few extra dollars never hurt anyone!

As much as possible, things that can’t be reused have been recycled. We dropped an old computer, a couple of outdated monitors and a broken printer off at Centra Cam’s recycling centre in Camrose earlier this week. Centra Cam is a non-profit organization that assists people with developmental disabilities by providing them with training and skill development enabling them to reach their full potential and enjoy increased independence. It’s a pretty neat feeling knowing that my cast off stuff can play a bit part in something like that!

Alas, while I sit here writing this post nothing is happening in the basement so I’d better sign off and get back to performing the stuffectomy!

First stage finished - the storage room has seldom looked this good!


4 thoughts on “Performing a stuffectomy

  1. Good job.. I am clearing out, I mean I am performing a stuffectomy too. Since the flood, we have to clear out the master bedroom of its stuff. The closet, under the bed and our desks are places that gather stuff. New carpeting is coming next week, the room must be made ready. Stuff must be “..ectomied”. I hope I do as well as you.

    • If I ever get finished in the basement, the master bedroom is next. I really need to do a stuffectomy on my winter wardrobe before I put things away and bring out my summer clothes. It’s badly in need of an overhaul.

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