The house on the hill

With the exception of the natives, we don’t have a long history here in western Canada. The first settlers arrived in our part of Alberta little more than a century ago. Nevertheless, the prairie is dotted with abandoned buildings. I love all the old weather beaten structures but it’s the houses that intrigue me most; the places where babies were born, people laughed and cried, and memories were made.

The second cache that we found yesterday overlooked the highway but rather than returning home that way, we decided to explore a few back roads. I’m so glad we did! As we rounded a curve not far from the cache site, we saw what we initially thought was an old barn standing like a sentinal against the skyline. We have to get closer, I told Richard. As we did, we realized that it wasn’t a barn at all. It was a big old house, one that would have been quite a mansion in its day.

With not a tree or a bush around, it stands like a lonely beacon on the hilltop commanding a view in every direction. I was delighted that we were able to walk right up and explore all around it.

The floor had caved in in several places so I didn’t venture far inside but its many windows offered me views of the interior. There was nothing left that would tell the story of the people who once called it home. Who were they, I wondered.

If only those walls could talk!

Who slept in those upstairs bedrooms?

Though it’s partially boarded up now, I loved the view from the bay window.

I wonder what other treasures we will find as we head out geocaching again. I can hardly wait!


10 thoughts on “The house on the hill

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  2. Are any of these images subject to copyright? I’m looking for an album cover for my new band this fits it PERFECLY!

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