Second annual WordPress walk

When I learned that WordPress was once again inviting bloggers around the world to join staffers in a 5k run/walk, I was delighted. It was through last year’s walk that I ‘met’ one of my blogging buddies. I haven’t actually met Maggie, who writes Living Life in Glorious Colour, in person but over the year since we read each other’s posts about the first WordPress walk, I’ve followed Maggie and her husband as they travelled much of North America and she’s followed me to Saipan and back. We jokingly say that we must be long lost relatives because we are alike in so many ways.

The WordPress walk is a simple concept. There’s no time limit, no searching for sponsors, and no fund raising. All that’s required is getting out and getting some exercise then blogging about it. Though the event was officially set for today, participants were allowed to do their walk anytime this week.

When I realized that this year’s walk coincided with our trip to Calgary to celebrate Drew’s 4th birthday and Jami-Lee’s 2nd, I decided that I’d do my walk while we’re here. After all, there are only so many places to walk in and around our tiny town of Sedgewick. After lunch today, I left Grandpa playing with the kids and headed off to nearby Bowness Park.

I was surprised to find the lagoon and the waterway that joins it to the Bow River almost devoid of water. I remember skating on their frozen surfaces when I was a student at the University of Calgary many years ago. I suspect that this winter’s lack of snow might have something to do with the current situation and hope that as the snow melts high in the Rocky Mountains, run-off will cause the water level to rise again.

As I strolled the sun-dappled pathway, it was easy to forget that I was in the middle of a city.

I soon came upon the Stoney Trail Bridge though and the sound of traffic high overhead reminded me that I was, indeed, in an urban area.

I sat for awhile beside the river before crossing the pedestrian bridge to the other side. Returning to the park, I continued my walk along the riverside.

For awhile, my path followed the narrow track of the miniature railway where happy children will ride on warm summer days.

Though the southern sky was brilliant blue, dark clouds loomed to the north. I wondered if I was going to get wet. Sure enough, the rain started to fall about 4 km into my walk. I took refuge for a few minutes under Bowness Bridge. I’m not fond of graffiti but I had to chuckle when I read this!


I, too, was looking for colour in a somewhat drab early spring landscape.


Fortunately, the rain didn’t last long and I didn’t get very wet at all. Before long I was back at the vehicle, ready to head back to the house and spend the rest of the afternoon with the grandchildren.

Now I wait to find out whether or not this year’s walk yields anymore blogging buddies!


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