Drew’s big birthday adventure

Our oldest grandson, Drew, was 4 years old today! How can that be? His Mommy’s Facebook status reads “And today my boy is 4. I want to hold him and squeeze him and make time slow down.”

Since Saturday was his little sister’s second birthday, we celebrated with a joint party that afternoon. It was a warm sunny day so the festivities were held in the yard. Children frolicked and adults visited. Gifts were opened and cake and ice cream consumed. A good time was had by all.

Today was Drew’s real birthday though so Grandpa and I wanted to do something special just for him. Drew is enamoured with fire trucks so what could be more fun than a visit to a fire station? Varsity Fire Station No. 17, one of Calgary’s largest, is a ten minute drive from here so I stopped in yesterday and made the arrangements.

We didn’t tell Drew where we were going, only that he was going on a birthday adventure with Gram and Grandpa. Imagine his excitement when we pulled to a stop in front of the station just in time to watch one of the enormous trucks back into its bay. We were invited inside by three firefighters who devoted the next little while to making a wide eyed little boy’s birthday a memorable one. He was invited to climb into the back of the truck to see all the levers that control the hoses and to sit in the drivers seat and turn on the flashing lights.


He was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything but he clearly enjoyed the opportunity to hold one of the hoses and to see some of the tools the firemen use.

Fireman Mike even put on all his gear for Drew to see.

After saying good bye, we stopped at the mall for a treat before heading home for lunch. It was pouring rain outside so we dubbed it a mall picnic!

Later in the afternoon when Drew was busy putting out pretend fires all over the house, Richard made the mistake of calling him Fireman Drew. I’m Fireman Mike Drewbie, he announced! Clearly the big adventure was a success!


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    • Drew would highly approve of your comment. He doesn’t like us to say that he’s cute anymore. Apparently girls are cute and boys are handsome!

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