Age appropriate?

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that age has been on my mind a lot lately. Earlier in the summer, one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Jeannie over at gracefully50 wrote a post about an outfit that her husband thought was “not so age appropriate.” At the time, I had a couple of things hanging in my own closet that I hadn’t worn yet because I was wondering exactly that. Were they really suitable for someone my age?

Here’s one of them.

I bought it on sale for 500 yen (about $6 Canadian) the last time I was in Japan. I loved the style and the fact that it’s a subtle example of Engrish, the often bizarre use of English that appears on so many items of clothing in Japan. The front says

There is nothing in
your life that does non
have meaning



appears on the nape.

I finally took it out of the closet and started wearing it recently and decided that, age appropriate or not, I love it! In fact, I love it so much that I wore it for a photo shoot with my talented nephew, William, an amateur freelance photographer.


After looking at his pictures, I’ve decided that if this is what 60 look like, I’m definitely okay with it!


10 thoughts on “Age appropriate?

  1. My dear friend, Growing old is mandatory, Growing up, is optional. I think the whole age appropriate thing is over rated. You and your hubby are wonderful people, and 2 of my closest friends, so since I am only 40 something, you guys can get away with acting like 40 year olds to, which gives you lots of leeway! 🙂

  2. First of all, you look lovely in the ‘Engrish’ shirt!

    Secondly, I completely agree with the above comments about the whole age appropriate thing being ridiculous. I think it’s important to look good so that you feel good. Because eventually it translates to your values and behaviour. Ever since I started working I’ve had to change the way I dress and do my hair. My boss even asked me to use makeup to look older as she didn’t think I looked old enough or reliable enough to be a counselor. I’ve noticed that after a year of grown up clothes, hair, and makeup, I’ve started to view myself differently and even think differently!

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