I’d rather be adorkable

In my last post I suggested that I might be weird and my readers kindly failed to respond! Thank you, dear ones! Now I’ve decided that I’d rather be considered adorkable! Isn’t that a precious word?

In an earlier post I mentioned that from time to time I would probably be sharing tidbits from the video course, The Secret Life of Words: English Words and Their Origins, which I’m watching while treadmilling.

Okay, you caught me! Treadmilling isn’t actually a word but it might be someday and if it was, it would be an example of functional shift, a shift in part of speech without change of form. In this case, a noun becoming a verb.

Today’s lecture was all about how new words are created which brings us back to adorkable, a great example of blending two words to form a new one. We use blends all the time. Smoke + fog = smog. Motor + hotel = motel. So why not, adorable + dork or dorky = adorkable?  I love it!

Do you know anyone who’s adorkable?

In case I’ve bored you completely by this point, I’ll also add a piece of real news. Today I purchased our plane tickets! We leave for China on February 20!

9 thoughts on “I’d rather be adorkable

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