Wursday, blursday

We crossed the International Date Line and lost a day this week. The day we did have, which I’m calling Wursday, started when the alarm went off in our Leduc hotel room on Wednesday morning at 5:15 a.m. and ended about 29 hours later when we climbed into bed in our Dalian apartment. It was already after one o’clock Friday morning here. Thursday had disappeared in a blur of airports and flying.

Other than being an exceptionally long and tiring day, the trip went very well with absolutely no problems or delays. We made our way through security at the Edmonton, Vancouver and Shanghai airports without incident in spite of the fact that Richard’s knee brace always sets off alarms. Passing through immigration in Shanghai was a simple matter and we were waved through customs without having to answer a single question! To top it off, none of our luggage was lost, delayed or damaged. We travelled all the way with China Eastern Airline and couldn’t have asked for better service.

The best part of the trip was, without question, our stopover in Vancouver where we enjoyed a visit with daughter-in-law, Robin, and grandsons, Sam and Nate! The Vancouver airport houses an impressive collection of Northwest Coast native art. We met in the international departures area beside the "Spirit of Haida Gwaii" by well known Haida artist, Bill Reid. After checking out every detail of the giant sculpture we headed upstairs to the observation area where we were able to see planes coming and going and watch one of them being unloaded.

Before long it was time to say good bye and continue on our way. We took with us a special bag of goodies that the boys had helped their mom put together for us. Because China starts with C, everything in our bag began with that letter… carrot sticks, celery, cookies, cupcakes, clementines and even candy canes!

The stopover in Shanghai was longer but much less entertaining. By the time we got there, we’d been up for over 20 hours and I much of it trying to catch a few winks.

Now we’re nearing the end of our second day here. We’re unpacked and settled in and have already walked many miles exploring our new neighbourhood. We’re soaking up the sights, sounds and tastes of our new surroundings but we’re still suffering the effects of jet lag and trying to readjust our body clocks. It will probably be another day or two before I’m clearheaded enough to adequately describe our first impressions. To whet your appetite, he’s a couple of views from our apartment.


9 thoughts on “Wursday, blursday

    • We do hope to see more of China when we finish teaching here in Dalian but I’m not sure if we’ll make it as far south as Hong Kong. We’ll keep the invite in mind though!

  1. I was thinking about both of you yesterday, wondering how your trip was. Glad to hear you’re there safely :). FYI not sure if you heard but the Sedgewick Hotel burned down early Friday morning. No one was hurt, no idea of cause yet. There was still alot of smoke yesterday.
    Here’s the link to Global, not sure if it will work for you.


    I will look forward to reading your posts about the adventures you and Richard will have!

    • It’s amazing how fast & far news travels! When our internet was connected yesterday, our email was full of messages about the fire. Thanks for the link to Global. I was able to open and read it. It’s hard to imagine downtown Sedgewick without the hotel!

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