The penthouse

I love the fact that, after reading my last post, one of our friends dubbed our upper storey apartment "the penthouse". In spite of the 67 stairs that we have to climb to get here, I love our location. We’re on the very end of a long narrow building so we have windows on three sides which let in lots of light and allow us to look out in several directions.

The apartment is approximately 390 square feet and is made up of three rooms plus the bathroom. Take a close look at the picture of the kitchen. Can you see the stove? Sure you can! It’s right behind the electric kettle. That’s right! It’s a one burner hot plate! Though you can’t see them in the photo, we also have a microwave, a toaster, a rice cooker and a crock pot so cooking is possible. So far, though, we’ve been eating most of our meals out. Why not when there are lots of eating establishments within a few minutes walk and food is unbelievably cheap? For example, supper tonight cost less than $6 for the two of us!

The kitchen also has a small refrigerator and a water dispenser. Bottled water is essential here as the tap water isn’t safe to drink. I was delighted to learn that we could have an 18.9 L jug of water delivered to the door for $2! All we have to do is tell our school secretary when we need a new one and she takes care of ordering it for us.

Our main source of heat is a small hot water radiator in each room which is adequate to take the chill off but we’re thankful that the bed/sitting room also has a wall unit that provides both heat and air conditioning depending on the season. If you take another look at the picture of the kitchen, you’ll notice that the cupboard door below the kettle has been left open. That’s because the radiator is inside the cupboard! I’m assuming that the cupboard unit must be a more recent addition to the penthouse.

The third room is our computer/guest room. That’s right, though it can’t be seen in the photo, the computer room is also furnished with a double bed. If you’ve ever wanted to visit China, now’s your chance! The love seat in the bed/sitting room also folds out into a single bed so we can easily sleep three of you at once. Just let us know you’re coming because we’ll have to find some bedding for your beds!

Did you notice that in addition to being fully furnished, the apartment even came with plants? They were pretty dried out when we got here but with a bit of water and pruning, they’re looking much better now. My favourite is the Christmas cactus blooming on the kitchen window sill. They’re one of my favourite plants and I’ve often thought about buying one. I just didn’t realize that I would come all the way to China to get it!


9 thoughts on “The penthouse

  1. Looks like you are all settled in. But 67 steps. That would kill me. FYI I am having a bronchoscope done on wed to see what is going on in my right lung. Still using ventolin machine every three hours.
    I would eat out at those prices too. Love your blog.

  2. Most everything you need, very compactly provided! Again, an example of how much space we have in our homes and country compared to others. Looking forward to seeing pictures of some of the food etc. That, I think could be very interesting!

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