Laundry day

In the corner of our bathroom, which measures 45 inches by 68 inches, stands the tiniest washing machine I have ever seen. As shown in the photo, it’s shorter than the pedestal sink that stands next to it! It might be small but it does the job. I did our first load of laundry this morning and everything came out clean.

Though considerably smaller, the machine is almost exactly like the one we had in Japan so it was easy to figure out how to use it. I just have to remember to place the end of the hose into the floor drain before I start it or there will be water everywhere! It even plays a little tune to tell me when its job is done.

The clothes dryer is a rack attached to the building just outside our bedroom window! I’ll use that for bedding, towels and larger items of clothing. As I hung the towels today, I feared that I might drop them into the alley below but fortunately that didn’t happen. I’m not going to take a chance on losing our more delicate items to a gust of wind so they hang in the multi-purpose computer/guest room. If you come to visit, however, I’ll make sure there’s nothing hanging over your bed while you’re here!

Since some of our dress clothes will need to be ironed, I brought our dual voltage travel iron with us and yesterday we purchased a little table top ironing board much like the one we carry in the travel trailer at home. We also bought a bag of Tide laundry detergent; the same brand we use at home. Though many things are very different here, others are surprisingly familiar!

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