Can I have this dance?

Richard and I came to China to teach English so what were we doing teaching a group of eager students to do the fox trot early yesterday afternoon?

Like many social media sites, WordPress is blocked in China. I’m delighted that I can continue posting to my blog via email but one thing I haven’t figured out how to do is include links to previous posts. You may, however, have read the one entitled Sunday afternoon in Zhongshan Park that I posted a couple of weeks ago; the one that talked about me dancing in the park with a Chinese gentleman. Pictures of that event quickly circulated amongst our students who were clearly delighted that we would so willingly engage in the activities of their culture. Hearing about this and learning that we love to dance led one of our fellow teachers to suggest that we should consider starting a noon hour dance club for the students. Jesse, a retired science teacher, already offers a rocket building activity twice a week.

We loved the idea and so did the kids. With Bradley’s help, Richard started searching out and downloading appropriate music. Bradley, a bright 23-year-old, is one of my students that we’ve quickly developed a great friendship with. That’s him I’m dancing with in one of the photos.

Though our schedule is much lighter, our English immersion students are in school from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. They have a two hour break at noon though which leaves plenty of time for a quick lunch followed by a dance class. Ten students showed up for our first class yesterday; five guys and five gals. Perfect, we thought, until we discovered that even though they go to school together every day, most of them were too shy to dance with a member of the opposite sex! They had no problem partnering up with someone of their own gender though and the classroom was soon ringing with laughter as they tried out the steps.

We started with the fox trot because it’s relatively easy but over the coming weeks we’ll be adding the polka and a couple of different waltzes to their repertoire. We’ll also introduce them to the jive. I can imagine already how much fun that will be!


7 thoughts on “Can I have this dance?

  1. How awesome “Fred and Ginger” 🙂 Such fun to read the posts and see the pictures of your involvement with your students. Weather is warming, sun has been shining, dare we hope that spring type weather – and the big melt – will soon be here.

    • For your sake, I certainly hope so! At +9C with no wind, today is probably the warmest day since we arrived here. The wind is the biggest factor in that. It seems to blow almost all the time!

    • Hey Jan

      We are in Prince George and the Canadian Tire Flyer shows that they have their woodworking clamps at 60% off, if that is in Alberta Dennis might want to contact the Camrose or Wainwright store to see if they have them.

      Brian Bernard

  2. We are just across the water from you here in Korea. Enjoying our spring break and reading your posts. Take care. Helen Ann

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