Spring… definitely worth waiting for!

I’ve been waiting for spring ever since we arrived on campus at the end of February. It’s been like looking at a drab cocoon and waiting for the beautiful butterfly to emerge. Though the grass was brown and the trees were bare, we could see the potential for so much beauty.

Now, suddenly, spring is upon us and it’s even more beautiful than we imagined. It began a couple of weeks ago when the grass seemed to turn green overnight. Then the magnolia trees alongside one of the lecture halls burst into magnificent bloom. Before we left on last week’s holiday, I expected to see leaves on the trees when we got back and I wasn’t disappointed.

This afternoon, as we walked across campus on our way to pick up a few groceries at the supermarket, we recognized the unmistakable smell of lilacs in bloom. We soon found ourselves wandering parts of the campus that we hadn’t bothered with before! There were blossoms everywhere; bright splashes of red, white, pink, and vibrant purple. I wasn’t the only one with my camera out!


8 thoughts on “Spring… definitely worth waiting for!

  1. We’ve been enjoying 10+ days of sun with temperatures in the backyard from a cool 23 today to 30. Despite SPF 60 the boys have sunglass tans. Our veggie garden is sprouting and all the spring flowers are done. Some of our poppies have gone to seed already! The pool has been out for a few days and the boys have embraced the sprinkler this year. Definitely prime time to be in Vancouver.

    • That sounds absolutely wonderful! I love Vancouver in the spring. We’re having a drizzly wet day today but can’t really complain as we really haven’t had much rain here.

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