Apron prayers

When we directed Vacation Bible School a couple of weeks ago, we taught the children to fold their hands and close their eyes when we prayed; not because there’s any magic in these things but because folded hands are less likely to get into trouble and closed eyes shut out distraction.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “pray continually” but how do we do that? How can we make prayer an integral part of our busy everyday lives? Obviously, we can’t sit around all day with our hands folded and our eyes closed!

I have been humbled and quite overwhelmed by the response to my last post. Promises to pray for us as we walk this road called cancer have flowed in from around the world! I especially loved one friend’s practical approach. “I’ll put your name in my apron pockets,” she told me and went on to explain that she wears an apron at work and reaches into it’s deep pockets many times throughout the day. When she wants to remember a specific prayer request, she writes it on little pieces of paper and puts them in her apron pockets. As she finds them throughout the day, she stops what she’s doing for a  few moments and prays!

prayer asap

How do you remember to pray?


8 thoughts on “Apron prayers

  1. How do I remember to pray? I think that when I don’t overload myself, that the Holy Spirit prompts me. In addition a lovely senior in our church gave me a prayer/blessings bag which over the years has proven very helpful. I also have a posted sign in my home that says PRAY and currently every time I look at one of your plants I am prompted to prayer specifically for you, love ya

  2. I love the apron idea. I do a lot of praying when out walking the dog – it is a quiet time for me now that she is older and less likely to chase cats and squirrels.

  3. I don’t know you, BUt let me tell you reading your story is a blessing, although I am sad about your situation, it is wonderful to see how you are searching strength in our Lord and Savior.
    your words are stuck in my head since I read them : HOw do you answer to cancer : with prayer. We often forget how precious and important it is.
    Let me tell you something. I was struggling for a while, after loosing many friends, aunt, grandparents…..and seing soo many people around me suffering from this disease. Praying is often the only thing I can do.
    I am praying for you even if I don’t know you.

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