Taking a break

After a mostly sleepless night worrying about how to deal with everything in my parents’ apartment, we decided to take a break today and go on an adventure with our grandsons, Sam and Nate.

Vancouver is enjoying a fabulous October so the drive up the Sea to Sky Highway to Britannia Beach was spectacular. The mine, which operated there from 1904 to 1974, was once the largest producer of copper in the British Empire and is now home to the fascinating Britannia Mine Museum. There the boys enjoyed panning for gold, riding a train into the depths of the mine and inspecting old machinery.


IMG_3167   IMG_3168
Ready for the underground tour!


IMG_3176_2   IMG_3179_2Sam was dwarfed by the wheel of the gigantic haul truck.

After exploring the museum, we stopped for a picnic lunch at Porteau Cove on our way back to the city. The sunshine sparkling on the ocean and the smell of the sea were good for my soul and probably good for my blood pressure too!



Feeling somewhat rejuvenated, we’ll head back over to the apartment this evening to continue the work that still needs to be done there. Hopefully, I’ll have a better sleep tonight!


5 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Your grandsons are adorable! I hope you were recharged and rejuvenated. It took my brother and I two summers (not steady work) to clear my Dad’s place and I swore I wouldn’t collect so much stuff. I think I swore to soon! OOPS

  2. Such precious little men, Elaine! I so understand your feeling 100% overwhelmed re. your parents’ belongings. I/we did my parents recently and it does reduce you to mumbling unintelligent phrases on a regular basis, doesn’t it?!! Hang on! you will reach the end of this particular tunnel!


    Maureen xox

    • The care centre that your mother moved into is just a few blocks down the street from Matthew’s house! Nate was down to visit her this afternoon. I was hoping to go with him & meet her but there was still so much to do at the apartment that I wasn’t able to. The end is in sight now though.

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