Once a Mom…

When do you stop being a Mom? Is it when they graduate high school? when they leave home? when they marry? or is it when they have children of their own? No, the answer is never! You never stop being a Mom!

I still remember getting up at 2:00 a.m. and then again at 6:00 to feed the baby. Tired as I was, I enjoyed those peaceful moments; just the baby and I. There was no baby to feed last night though. Instead, I was up periodically checking Facebook to find out the latest news on our three-year-old granddaughter who was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Calgary late yesterday afternoon suffering from a severe asthma attack, her third in the past five months.

When Jami arrived at emergency, there was no long wait. She was rushed into trauma and immediately swarmed by doctors and nurses who swiftly attached her to various monitors and tubes. At that point, she was virtually unable to breathe! The next few hours were scary ones! Every time the oxygen was removed or she pulled it off, her levels plummeted. At one point, she was being given a bronchodilator (rescue medication) every 30 minutes. Normal use would be every 4 to 6 hours! That caused her poor little heart to work overtime, adding to her distress.

Picture 2

Picture 4Poor pregnant Mommy was wearing out fast and I wanted nothing more than to jump in the car and head for Calgary. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that. The nurse was coming from Red Deer this morning to give me my regular Sandostatin injection and there are a number of other appointments and meetings this week that we really need to be here for. Fortunately, Melaina did what Moms do. She hung in there and stayed by her little princess’ side all night long. At one point, they were talking about moving Jami to ICU but things began to turn around after she was given an IV steroid.

Now, 24 hours after heading for the hospital, Jami is off oxygen and rebounding as children so often do. She’s finally being moved out of ER to a regular ward. Hopefully both she and her Mom can get some rest while they’re there. Even when she’s discharged, the battle won’t be over. The struggle to find the right combination of medications to keep this from happening again will go on and sadly, there may be more nights like this one.

Yes, I remember those quiet night time feedings but asthma runs in the family and I also remember the nights when we were up with Jami’s Uncle Matt watching his poor little chest pop in and out as he battled for every breath. It’s hard to watch your children suffer and it doesn’t get any easier when they have children of their own!

Once a mother, always a mother!


8 thoughts on “Once a Mom…

  1. Poor Mommy! I can relate to her situation. My twins were born with asthma both of them and they were prone to attack if there was humidity or when they had cough and cold. So as babies/kids they were on medication a lot. I remember trips to the clinic every 4 hourly to get ‘gassed’ (bronchodilator when the attack came) and countless other medication to the point that many of our friends were surprise at how easy and fuss free for them to simply open their mouth for medicine unlike most kids, kicking and screaming! But when we moved here, Emirates Airline the company my husband works for put them on the asthma clinic patient list and were seen every 3 months. They were put on Seretide inhaler twice daily for 3 years as prevention (which was reduced later on) and the usual Ventolin for attacks and at 11 they were declared asthma free by the Asthma Clinic. It was quite a journey but now they do not get attacks even if they are coughing, play sports, swim and a couple of healthy boys in general. It can be a stressful time when the child is under attack, I remember a lot of sleepless night by myself as my husband was flying and were based in Venice that time. I hope your Jami will get well soon and mommy can have her rest.

  2. Our kids don’t “get” it, they’re not parents yet. They good naturedly put up with me and my questions and concerns. I remember coming home with newborn Michelle and thinking WOW this is for the rest of my life, motherhood! Wouldn’t trade it for any other job. So glad little Jami is home and feeling better.

  3. My brother had asthma like that and it’s scary stuff 😦 Glad she’s okay though. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever sleep soundly again after our baby is born because I’ll worry so much. Glad God is watching over us and helps set our hearts at peace when we are most afraid.

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