A time to be born and a time…

Hello world, I’m back!

I spent most of the past two weeks in seclusion due to the high level of radioactivity caused by my most recent cancer treatment. Yesterday was my first day of freedom and I was out of the house almost as often as I had been over the prior fourteen days! There’s not a lot to blog about when you sit at home all day every day. I rested a lot at first, read several good books and resumed my exercise routine as soon as I felt up to it. I also frittered away a fair amount of time on the internet, my lifeline to the outside world.

Now that I’m free, able to be out and about, I can’t help wondering what the next few weeks will hold. We’re eagerly awaiting the birth of our fifth grandchild and hoping to be in Calgary when he arrives. Our daughter, Melaina, isn’t technically due until mid March but the little fellow is threatening to come early and we’ve reached the point where we need to be ready to jump in the car at a moment’s notice.

At the same time, in Vancouver, my 91-year-old diabetic mother who suffers from severe dementia has been hospitalized with a gangrenous toe and we’re awaiting the doctor’s decision regarding whether or not her foot should be amputated! What an agonizing decision for my father to have to make. Mom is already confined to a wheelchair so losing a foot won’t change her quality of life significantly. It’s the surgery itself that worries us. That and the fact that gangrene is a serious and life threatening condition. Has the infection been caught soon enough or will it continue to spread? At the same time that we’re saying hello to the newest member of the family, will we also be saying good bye to the oldest, his great grandmother?

Ecclesiastes tells us “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die” but the life in between can sure be tough sometimes!

Dad & Mom

My parents


14 thoughts on “A time to be born and a time…

  1. It seems like there’s always a new life arriving when an old one is leaving. I was 4 months pregnant with Eric when my Mom passed away and my brothers son was born 1-1/2 months after our Dad passed away. I wish they could have met their grandsons, they would have been proud. Wishing all the best for your mom Elaine.

    • Thank you, Cari! I’ve just been looking at your blog and I appreciate your emphasis on thankfulness. Even in the tough times, there is much that we can be thankful for.

      • Thank You!!!
        My fiance encouraged me to do it after a very emotionally rough year last year. It’s already changing my own outlook.
        Certainly keeping you all in my prayers.

  2. Elaine, you are a true inspiration to us all. You write so well. I’m sorry about your Mom – we don’t ever want them to go but certainly don’t want to see them suffer. I know God will do whatever is best for her.

  3. I so agree. Life can be tough at times and super great others. Crest just lost his Mom at the age of 96. She lived in Athabaska. Tough lady. Had colon surgery last year and didn’t expect to come out of surgery. Now her body just shut down. We’re happy for her now because she isn’t in any pain, but at the same time , we’ll miss her very much, Even miss worrying about her. She was a real lovely lady, but this world just wasn’t the place for her any more, when we think back.She was getting tired. Now she is hopefully in the arms of Jesus. Love You Gramma.

  4. Elaine, you are blessed with many loved ones.. living parents, children and grandchildren.. I hope your mother goes through the surgery well should it happens. Over here things are as usual. I am struggling with the migration of my blog to the new domain, so it is bleeping away – working, not working, working again.. whatever, I thought. Will let you know when the package is on the way 🙂 Meanwhile take care and god bless!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

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