Thank you, Ida!

One of the unexpected perks of blogging has been the long distance friendships that I’ve developed with several other bloggers. If you’ve been reading Following Augustine for long, you probably know that I enjoy reading fashion blogs and that I absolutely love experiencing or learning about life in other parts of the world. What could be better then, than a fashion and lifestyle blog written by a Malaysian who lives in Dubai with her Italian husband? That would be Ida C, writer of Mrs Jack of All Trades!

Successful fashion bloggers sometimes receive samples from manufacturers or retailers who ask them to write reviews of their products. A few weeks ago, Ida received just such a package from a Taiwanese online shop called Born Pretty. It contained a fashion watch with a vintage looking Roman numeral face and a wrap around leather bracelet. She wrote her review here.

Ida and I often comment on one another’s blog posts and on this occasion, I wrote, “I love the watch! I could definitely see myself wearing one.” Several others left similar comments.

Not long afterward, I received a personal message from Ida telling me that she was sending me a “little something that would hopefully elevate your day.” What could it be, I wondered, as I waited in anticipation for it come all the way from Dubai.

Today, the parcel arrived!


Have you guessed what it contained?


Yes! The Born Pretty watch is now on my wrist further cementing a solid friendship between two women residing on opposite sides of the globe who have only met through the worldwide community of blogging! Thank you, Ida!

And now for my review… what do I like best about the watch? I love the vintage look of the watch itself combined with the edgier style of the wrap around strap. Though the genuine leather band comes in a variety of other colours, I’m glad mine is brown as it will coordinate well with my wardrobe. The only drawback is the fact that putting it on by myself was quite tricky. Now that it’s securely on my wrist, however, it’s very comfortable.



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