We bought a new(er) vehicle last week. Beforehand, Richard spent a lot of time online searching for exactly what he wanted. When we were finally ready to make our purchase, we also decided to pay for an extended warranty. As a result of all this, we’ve ended up on quite a few email lists and our inbox is filling up with unwanted messages advertising automobiles and vehicle protection plans. Fortunately, somewhere in the small print, there’s always a place where we can click to unsubscribe.

Don’t you wish that life worked that way; that, with the simple click of a button, we could unsubscribe from the things that make our lives difficult? I sure do!

Of course, I’d begin by unsubscribing from cancer! If I could do that, I wouldn’t even have to unsubscribe from the anxiety that goes along with waiting to find out what’s going to happen next in terms of treatment. It would already be taken care of.

I’d also unsubscribe from winter! It’s April, after all, and I’m tired of looking out the window at snow, especially now that all my Japanese friends are posting beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms on Facebook!

Ah, yes, I think I could come up with quite a list of things to unsubscribe from.

What would you unsubscribe from?



10 thoughts on “Unsubscribe!

  1. What would I unsubcribe from? Well, certainly not from this blog, I was worried when I read your subject line! It’s always the first thing I read when I open my email.
    On a similar notion, I would like a ‘go-back’ button like control/z on the keyboard. Just to delete the last few moments when you said or did something unfortunate. To be able to delete that spilt milk, trapped finger, bad comment…
    Or how about ‘replay’ like the PVR remote so you could revisit those magic moments, or view them in slow motion. The winning goal, the new baby, giggling madly with friends…

    • I think maternity clothes are so much cuter than they were when I had my babies but yes, even today’s maternity clothes would become tiresome after several months of wearing them! Of course, when you’re finally able to “unsubscribe” from them, you’ll have your baby in your arms! What a wonderful day that will be!

  2. Lovely post though the title first confused me! I would somehow like to believe that every experience counts for something in life, probably because I know deep down that “Unsubscribe” is not an option 😦

      • Erm, yes; the power of imagination definitely helps bring some fun! In that case I would say I want to unsubscribe from my Sugar addiction, it’s proving to be really difficult to overcome. If only I had been repulsed by Sugar the first time I tasted it…sigh!

  3. Unsubscribe? Severe Post Partum Depression that I’m still on meds for 20 years later. Then I would subscribe to one or two more kids, (but no sleepless nights, please)

    • I wish that you could unsubscribe from the depression too, Michelle! There will be more babies someday but they’ll be grandchildren and you won’t have to get up with them in the night!

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